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Cuba Private Travel

Cuba Private Travel is a boutique, Cuba-based travel company with more than 15 years of experience, offering tailor-made curated experiential travel experiences for clients seeking an authentic, exclusive and exhilarating exposure to the most intriguing, complex, and stunning island in the Caribbean. 


Cuba Private Travel has garnered a team of curators who understand and know Cuba and share their knowledge and experience with every client to have the most fascinating and memorable vacation.  






From luxury boutique hotels to charming private homes, Cuba Private Travel creates bespoke itineraries that include Cuba's finest accommodations, whether in one of the luxury hotels, a fully serviced villa, or a  private residence.  Cuba Private Travel works with luxury hotels, private homes, and estates to give the guests a memorable and unique experience in Cuba. 

Unique Experiences

Important Information

Important Information

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury in Washington DC has confirmed that individuals subject to United States jurisdiction may use a non-restricted hotel

and/or a private residence when visiting the Republic of Cuba using the “Support for the Cuban People”

authorized travel category. 

It is all possible and entirely legal when you have a tailor-made itinerary that follows guidelines to include:


Meet artists, musicians, and dancers

Stay in beautiful unique private properties and 5-star luxury hotels

Enjoy great food and cocktails

Ride around in vintage cars, snorkel, fish, and dive

Dance Rumba and Reggaeton and listen to great music

Smoke real Cuban cigars with the local farmers

Get your nature fix with great trekking, cycling, and riding

Destination Contact


Johnny Considine, Director

Company website:

Calle 38 # 107 apto 6 entre 1ra y 3ra

Miramar, Playa, 11300- Cuba


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